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Collection #77

New York AIDS Network/Keith Lawrence

Date:1979 - 1987
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These are the records of organizations to which Keith Lawrence volunteered – there is no personal papers. They were donated to the Center Archive on October 21, 2003.

Scope and Content

Correspondence and some minutes of the New York AIDS Network by Keith Lawrence volunteer convener. The group, a broadly-based coalition grew to include representatives from over sixty health, political, people with AIDS, scientific, legal, social services and religious groups. There are also other groups in which Mr. Lawrence participated; Safer Sex Committee, Coalitions for Sexual Responsibility, American Hepatitis Association. Lesbian & Gay Health Advocacy group and the Mayor’s Inter-Agency Task Force on AIDS. The minutes of the NY AIDS Network are complete from April 1983 through July 1983, there are mainly handwritten notes after that. There are also minutes from the other groups but they are not well organized. The Safer Sex Campaign is of interest concerning the correspondence with and inspection of bath houses and sex clubs in about 1985.

History or Bio

“The New York AIDS Network was a broadly-based coalition of health, political, and community groups and individuals brought together by a deep concern about AIDS.” It functions as a clearinghouse to disseminate information and help all work more effectively to meet the problems arising around AIDS. The concerns were education, research, funding, patient care and services, legal, political issues.

[President Reagan was President 1981 – 1989 “AIDS was first reported in 1981, but President Reagan could not bring himself to address the plague until March 31, 1987, at which time there were 60,000 reported cases of AIDS and 30,000 deaths July 6, 2004 “Advocate.”]

The Network started in July 1982. It met weekly on Thursday at 8:00 AM at St. Mark’s Clinic at 88 University Place. In October 1983 the meetings were changed to twice-a-month in the evenings. It grew to include representatives from over sixty health, political, patients, scientific, legal, social services and religious groups.

These records are the collection of Keith Lawrence volunteer convener of the NY AIDS Network and who had a Ph.D. in psychology. His worked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and previously for the Federal Insurance Administration and adjunct teacher in psychology. He also volunteered on the Safer Sex Committee, the Coalitions for Sexual Responsibility, the American Hepatitis Association and the Lesbian & Gay Health Advocacy group. He was a member of the Mayor’s Inter-agency Task Force on AIDS. [Mayor Giuliani who was elected in 1993 and 1997 closed gay bath houses, gay sex clubs, strip joints and sex shops.]

Folder List

Box 1

1. AIDS & Alcoholism
2. AIDS Institute, New York City Department of Health
3. American Hepatitis Association
4. (ARC) AIDS Resource Center
5. Association of Gay Psychologists, 1979
6. Cecchi, Robert Lee (Bob) paper of People With AIDS (PWA)
7. City Council, speech on November 15, 1985
8. Coalitions for Sexual Responsibility (Survey Bath Houses for AIDS education, condoms, etc,.) 1985
9. Committee on Confidentiality on AIDS Reporting, 1983
10. Comprehensive Immune Dysfunction Prevention Program 1984 (report with biographical sketches of writers)
11. Federal AIDS Related Organizations (FARO)
12. Foreign Countries information
13. Foundation for Homeopathic Education and Research
14. Hepatitis B
15. “Inferno” Chicago Registration 1987
16. Inter-Agency Task Force on AIDS, Mayor’s 1983-1985 Minutes
17. Legislative Committee
18. Lesbian & Gay Health Advocacy Correspondence, 1984-1985
19. Memo on Ethical Aspects of AIDS Research (Draft 1983)
20. National AIDS Vigil 1983-1985
21. Needs of Persons With AIDS
22. New York AIDS Network Addresses
23. New York AIDS Network Correspondence
24. New York AIDS Network Financial
25. New York AIDS Network Handwritten notes
26. New York AIDS Network Keith Lawrence
27. New York AIDS Network Media File
28. New York AIDS Network Minutes April 1983
29. New York AIDS Network Minutes July 1983
30. New York AIDS Network Minutes June 1983
31. New York AIDS Network Minutes May 1983
32. New York AIDS Network Minutes October – November 1983
33. New York City Fiscal Budget Need 1986
34. New York State Proposal
35. Press Releases
36. Safer Sex Campaign, Agenda, Minutes, correspondence 1984
37. Safer Sex Committee (correspondence with sex clubs 1984)
38. Social Security Rulings Disability AIDS
39. STD