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Collection #27

Marty Robinson Collection

Date:1970 - 1989
Size:12 inches


Papers and records collected by Marty Robinson primarily from the Gay Activists Alliance and The Lavender Hill Mob. He was a founding member of both organizations. The collection was donated by Marc Rubin, a close friend who was given responsibility for the collection by Robinson.

Scope and Content

The Collection is 12 inches and contains papers and other miscellaneous materials such as stickers and lapel buttons. The bulk of the papers is material from the Gay Activists Alliance from 1970 to 1974, and from the Lavender Hill Mob from 1986 to 1988. The material in folder 16 is apparently of mixed origin with some from Marc Rubin as well as Marty Robinson. The collection in general is disorganized with material of widely differing dates mixed together. Many items are fragmented, second pages with no first pages and tables of contents with no text. This collection is extremely valuable for research into the early years of GAA and of gay political activism at its beginnings in the wake of Stonewall.

History or Bio

Marty Robinson was one of the first activists to emerge from the Stonewall Rebellion. Formerly a construction worker, he led the first Christopher Street Liberation March June 28, 1970, and addressed a rally attended by over 2000 people that same day. With Jim Owles, Arthur Evans, Morty Manford, and others he founded The Gay Activists Alliance in December of 1969, one of the first post-Stonewall gay rights organizations. In the eighties, he founded The Lavender Hill Mob, one of the first AIDS activist organizations. He was also a founding member of The National Gay Task Force and of The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). He died March 19, 1992.

Folder List

Box 1

1. Material relating to AIDS activism, 1987-1988; bulk is from 1987]
2. Articles/Studies on AZT and other HIV/AIDS drugs
3. GAA Papers 1987
4. Third International Conference on AIDS; 1987
5. National Symposium on Labor Issues 1987
6. Southern Christian Leadership Conference – AIDS in the Black Community 1987
7. [LAVENDER HILL MOB and AIDS related material; 1986, 1987, 1989]
8. [LAVENDER HILL MOB material and personal literature]

Box 2

9. CDC Conference Atlanta 1987
10. [ Gay Activists Alliance material, 1970-1971] Legislation Correspondence
11.  [ GAA material, 1970-1971]
12.  [ GAA material, 1970-1971] New York Legislation/Gay Civil Rights Bill
13.  [ GAA material 1971-1974] Correspondence, Flyers, Newsletters
14.  [ GAA material 1971] Voter Activism
15.  [ Program from The Twenty Seventh Annual Conference on World Affairs, at the University of Colorado at Boulder, March 1974]
16.  AIDS and Government [folder containing miscellaneous material belonging to Marty Robinson and Marc Rubin including papers, stickers, and lapel buttons; most material from 1986-1989]

Box 3

17. US Income Tax Martin (Marty) Robinson; Solstice Housing Corporation 1979-1988
18. Will of Marty’s father 1990
19. Estate of Martin Robinson, includes Martin Robinson’s Birth Certificate November 25, 1942
20. New York State Income Tax Martin Robinson 1980-1989
21. Martin Robinson Medical 1992
22. US Income Taxes Martin Robinson 1983-1990