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Collection #41

Koch / Trancreto Wedding Albums

Date:1976 - 1980
Size:1 foot


This collection came to us through one of the legatees of Mr. Tancreto’s estate. He requested permission of Mr. Tancreto’s aunt, Mrs. Harold Santino, to donate the three Wedding albums and other photos to the Archives. She agreed only asking they (the photos) not be published. The legatee who donated these photos is Peter Melonas.

Use Restrictions

Do not publish photos.

Scope and Content

This collection contains three photo albums and numerous loose photos that span several years and events in the couples life. At least two different Christmas parties that the couple threw, in their apartment, are represented in this collection. There are of course gaps in years. This material would make a nice exhibit.

History or Bio

Mr. Rocco Tancreto was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on November 15, 1945. He was Italian – American of Sicilian descent. His grandparents had a school on Catherine Street and Seward Park H S where he was very active in the St. Rocco Society and the Boy Scouts of America. He graduated Pace College with a degree in accounting. Mr. Dennis Koch was born on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on August 6, 1948. He was of Irish descent. He attended St. Stephen’s R C grammar school. The family moved for a while to Cleveland. He did not graduate college. He was an accomplished tailor, who created many of the gowns which he wore. The two were married in 1977, in a formal ceremony with a large reception held on 7th avenue. Tuxedos, photographers, champagne. They lived on the Upper East Side and spent their summers in Cherry Grove on Fire Island. Ironically, Dennis died on Rocco’s birthday in 1982, and Rocco one day after Dennis’ in 1993.

Folder List

Box 1

1. [ Miscellaneous photos ]
2. [ Framed black & white photo ]
3. Pool party – 1970s 300 – E – St. [ photos ]
4. Valentine’s day party – 1970s – E – St. [ photos ]
5. 1975 – Christmas 165 Park Row Manhattan [ photos ]
6. [ A card from Rocco to Dennis March 10, 1976 with photos ]
7. Invitation to Cocktails with Entertainment ” Disco at Poolside ” January 14, 1979 [ photos ]
8. Christmas party 1970s [ 1979 ] – 300 – E – St. – NYC [ photos ]
9. Invitation to Cocktails – Dinner – Entertainment 22 June 1980 [ photos ]
10. [ Photo album cover & title page #1 ]
11. [ Photos from album #1 ]
12. [ Photo album cover & title page #2 ]
13. [ Photos from album #2 ]
14. [ Photos from large album ]


Photo album cover & title page from large album