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Collection #150

Ken McLaren Papers

Date:1967 - 1983
Size:1 inch


This collection is a gift of Amber (no last name listed).

Scope and Content

These are original writings of Ken McLaren’s poetry. This collection also includes a published book of McLaren’s work, published posthumously. There are also four audio cassette tapes of Ken McLaren reading his own work. The four audio cassette tapes have been transferred to the Center’s audio server.

History or Bio

Ken McLaren was a poet who died in June 1979. His work was not published while he was alive. His poetry has been compiled after his death. As stated in the forward of his book, “Ken saw himself as a voice for the voiceless, so the closest he ever got to sorting through his own poetry was when he had to do a poetry reading for some cause like the peace movement or civil rights or Gay Liberation or Gray Panthers or CORE or the Living Theatre or for any one of a hundred other causes.”

Folder List

Box 1

1. [Ken McLaren Blues Poetry]
2. [Ken McLaren Poetry]


1. Ken McLaren Copy of Bill Packard’s [Bill Packard Reading Ken McLaren’s Poetry]
2. WBAI (con’t)
3. Ken McLaren ad Lib Poems and Others 6/12/71 (also “free offer”).