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Collection #64

Joyce Hunter Papers

Date:1973 - 1998
Size:5 feet


Donated by Joyce Hunter on August 11, 1997. Two additional linear feet donated by Joyce Hunter at a later date.

Scope and Content

Approximately 5 feet of materials housed in 5 boxes. The collection contains materials relating to the professional and political work of Joyce Hunter. Included are papers regarding her involvement in the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights and articles written by Hunter on social and health issues affecting the gay and lesbian communities, conference and meeting materials from organizations with which she was involved, miscellaneous correspondence, and publications by other authors regarding gay and lesbian issues. The collection spans the period from the 1970s through the late 1990s.

The collection will give researchers some general information on the types of professional and political activities that Hunter engaged in and of the political and social situation for many in the gay and lesbian communities from the 1970s through the 1990s.Note: Most files were created during processing. The few exceptions include the CLGR records, NOW files (in Organizations), the Soviet Union file (in Subjects), Writings, and NLGHA Files.

History or Bio

Joyce Hunter has been an activist, researcher, and clinician for over 30 years, specializing in issues relating to youth, women, HIV/AIDS, and the lesbian, gay, and bisexual communities. Dr. Hunter is a former President of the National Lesbian & Gay Health Association (1991-1996), an education/advocacy organization which has conducted annual health conferences since 1978. She is a former spokesperson for the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights and a former member of the International AIDS Society. As a clinical social worker, Dr. Hunter has done direct case work with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual adolescents, runaway/street youth, and pregnant teens. As a founding member of the Board of the Hetrick-Martin Institute, she developed counseling and outreach programs. She is co-founder of the Institute’s on-site high school program, the Harvey Milk School. Since 1976, Dr. Hunter has been a community activist on women’s physical and mental health care issues. She was Coordinator of the Student Health Society at Hunter College, served as a Commissioner with the Human Rights Commission of New York City and a member of the New York State Governor’s Task Force on Lesbian and Gay Concerns.

Dr. Hunter has conducted clinical training for professionals and graduate students in the health care, mental health, and education fields. She has also been a guest lecturer at colleges and universities since 1982. Training included: women’s issues and HIV/AIDS prevention; clinical issues in serving lesbian and gay youth and their families; combating homophobia; the impact of AIDS on lesbian and gay youth and their families; reduction of high HIV- and STD-risk behaviors in youth; needs of street/runaway/homeless youth; working with racially and culturally diverse populations; and family, development, and socialization issues.

Dr. Hunter has also conducted numerous workshops and given keynote speeches/presentations on topics relating to health issues of adult women and adolescents. Her articles have been published in journals and books.

Folder List

Box 1

1. Lesbian and Gay Rights Bill, 1974-1981
2. [Correspondence, notices, articles, press releases, notes, etc.], 1975-1980
3. Gay Rights Bill – (New York, NY), 1975-1987
4. Gay Rights Bill – (New York, NY), 1975-1987
5. [Correspondence, meeting notes, notices, press releases, agenda, article, etc.], 1977-1980
6. [Correspondence, articles, notices, press releases, meeting notes & minutes, etc.], 1978-1980
7. [Crticles, correspondence, notices, press releases, agenda, etc.], 1978-1981
8. Intro Bill (Hearings), 1978-1986
9. Intro Bill (Hearings), 1978-1986
10. [notices, notes, correspondence, booklet: Law on Human Rights, etc.], 1980-1984

Box 2

11. Gay Rights Bill (Philadelphia, PA), 1982
12. [Correspondence], 1983
13. [Correspondence, notes, etc.], 1986-1992
14. 10th Anniversary Commemorative Journal, June 8, 1987
15. Gay Rights Bill 1993
16. Some Mothers Are Lesbians by Bernice Goodman
17. Hunter College Honors Course in Educational Research by Walter Streng
18. Alcoholism and the Lesbian Community
19. Questions and Answers on the New York City Council Bill to Extend Civil Rights to Gay People (NYCLU), November 1981
20. Report of a Survey by the New York City Commission on Human Rights on Instances of Discrimination Among Gay Citizens in New York, November 1981
21. The Boston Project: Toward An Agenda for Gay & Lesbian Citizens (Executive Summary), 1983
22. Anti-Gay/Lesbian Victimization: A Study by the National Gay Task Force, June 1984
23. In Every Classroom: The Report of the President’s Select Committee for Lesbian and Gay Concerns, 1989
24. Bias in Psychotherapy with Lesbians and Gay Men: Final Report/ plus: Graduate Faculty in Psychology Interested in Lesbian & Gay Issues/ A Selected Bibliography of Lesbian and Gay Concerns in Psychology (Committee on Lesbian and Gay Concerns), 1990
25. Who We Are: Health Concerns of Middle-Aged Lesbians (A Report From the National Lesbian health Care Survey), 1990
26. Preliminary Report for the ACT UP Boston Summit Meeting, June 1993
27. Lesbian Visibility: A Report about Lesbians in the European Community, 1995
28. Democratic National Convention Office of Lesbian and Gay Outreach Chicago, 1996
29. Miscellaneous Conferences A-Z, 1981-1994
30. Women Loving Women: A New Concept in Conference, 11/2/?
31. The Universities and the Gay Experience: A Conference Sponsored by the Women and Men of the Gay Academic Union (New York), 11/23-24/1973
32. The Astraea Foundation Minutes, 2/1/1980, 4/4/1980
33. DC Conference on Sexual Minority Youth, 3/24/1984

Box 3

34. Lesbians Choosing Motherhood Conference, 11/17/1984
35. NYC Commission on Human Rights – Minutes and Agenda, 1985
36. West Hollywood Conference, 11/22-24/1985
37. Mayor’s Police Council on Lesbian and Gay Issues – Minutes, 3/5/1987
38. Adolescents and AIDS Working Group Minutes, 12/2/1987
39. National Conference on Homophobia – Campaign to End Homophobia, 1987-1988
40. AIDS Action Network – AIDS Roundtable Discussion Agenda, 5/3/1988
41. Lesbian Agenda Conference hosted by Coalition of East Coast Lesbians – Planning Meeting, 9/25/1988
42. National Black Gay and Lesbian Conference, 2/17-20/1989
43. National Lesbian Conference (Atlanta, GA) 4/24-28/1991
44. Lesbian Erotic Dance – Program & Workshop with JoAnn Loulan, 7/1991
45. Second Annual Bronx Lesbians United in Sisterhood Conference, 10/19/1991
46. Managing AIDS in a Multi-Ethnic Gay & Lesbian Community, 10/25/1991
47. Project Empowerment Retreat for Gay and Lesbian School Administrators, 3/6-8/1992
48. Lesbian Care Center – Meeting Minutes, 9/8/1992
49. Taking Action Against Racism Workshop, 6/12/1994
50. Safe and Out (Leadership Project of the Lesbian AIDS Project), 6/18/1994
51. Lesbians United Networking Association’s Lesbian Health Exchange, 7/10/1994
52. World AIDS Conference, Vancouver, July 5-6, 1996
53. Research on Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual youths: Implications for Developmental Intervention, June 7-9, 1996
54. National Lesbian and Gay Health Conference, July 13-17, 1996
55. National Black Lesbian and Gay Conference and Institutes, February 13-17, 1997
56. National Conference on Women and HIV, May 4-7, 1997
57. Miscellaneous Events A-Z, 1981-1996
58. Forum on the Future, 9/16/1978
59. Galas Boston: Great American Lesbian Art Show, 8/1980
60. The New York Gay Film Festival, 12/1981
61. National Gay Task Force – Award Dinner, 1983
62. New York City Lesbian Health Fair, 3/7/1992
63. Stonewall 25, 1992
64. Audre Lorde Memorial Service, 1993
65. The Stonewall Awards, 1994
66. Gay Games Amsterdam, 8/1998
67. Articles A to ZAdolescents and AIDS by JH and Robert Schaecher, 1992AIDS Prevention for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Adolescents by JH and Robert Schaecher, 1994At The Crossroads: Lesbian Youth by JH, 1995Coming Out as Lesbian or Gay in the Era of AIDS by Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus, JH, Margaret RosarioDebates over Sex Education May Put Teen Health at Risk by Bridget Murray, 1996Dyke Life (Review) by Jen Burke, 1996Gay and Lesbian Adolescents by JH and Robert SchaecherHelping Gay Street Youth in New York by Peter Freiberg, 1988Lesbian and Gay Youth by JH and Robert SchaecherLesbians and AIDS by Kristina Campbell, 1996New Directions for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth by JH, 1996Stresses on Lesbian and Gay Adolescents in Schools by JH and Robert Schaecher, 1987Suicidal Behavior and Gay-Related Stress Among Gay and Bisexual Male Adolescents by Mary J. Rotheram- Borus, JH, and Margaret Rosario, 1994Violence Against Lesbian and Gay Male Youths by JH, 1990Women Who Sleep with Women by JH and Priscilla Alexander, 1996
68. Testimony Presented to the Governor’s Task Force on Lesbian and Gay Issues, 1985
69. Miscellaneous Correspondence A-Z, 1982-1996
70. Community Council of Lesbian and Gay Organizations, 1982
71. Dyke TV
72. Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats, 1980-1987
73. Gay Men’s Alliance and Lesbian Rising Collective of Hunter College (Gay Liberation Collective), 1974-1976

Box 4

74. Gay Press Association, 1982-1984
75. Gay Rights National Lobby, 1981-1983
76. Lesbian and Gay Health Advocacy, 1984
77. Lesbian Feminist Liberation, Inc., 1970s
78. Lesbian Herstory Archives, 1979
79. March Committee for Lesbian and Gay Rights/Los Angeles, 1980
80. National Association of Gay and Lesbian Democratic Clubs, 1984-1987
81. National Association of Gay and Lesbian Democratic Clubs, 1984-1987
82. National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (Press Packet for Hearings on Anti-Gay Violence, 10/9/1986 and Creating Change Conference, 1989)
83. National Gay Rights Advocates – National Coming Out Day Kit, 1988
84. The National Lesbian Mentorship Project, 1988
85. National Organization for Women, 1976-1982
86. National Organization for Women, 1976-1982

Box 5

87. National Organization for Women, 1976-1982
88. Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, 1993-1994
89. One Institute/International Gay and Lesbian Archives
90. Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, 1987-1990
91. Parents of Gays Group, 1975
92. The Womens AIDS Project
93. Gays on Campus ed. by J. Lee Lehman (National Gay Student Center), 1975
94. Loving Women by The Nomadic Sisters and Victoria Hammond, 1975
95. What Lesbians Do by Godiva, 1975
96. Growing Up Gay, 1976
97. The Meaning of Our Love for Women Is What We Have Constantly to Expand by Adrienne Rich, 1977
98. The Answer is Matriarchy by Barbara Love and Elizabeth Shanklin, 1978
99. Handbook for Beaten Women by Marjory D. Fields and Elyse Lehman, 1984
100. Domestic Partnership
101. Lesbian and Gay Health and Social Work Issues, 1973-1990
102. Soviet Union [Sergei Paradzhanov – Soviet film director imprisoned for homosexuality], 1975-1978
103. Family Protection Act, 1980-1981
104. Gays in the Military, 1992-1993
105. Gay Community Chest/Center, 1981
106. National Coalition of Gay Activists, 1970’s

Box 6

107. National Lesbian Conference, 1989-1990
108. National Lesbian and Gay Health Foundation (NLGHF), 1988
109. National Lesbian and Gay Health Association (NLGHA), 1989
110. National Lesbian and Gay Health Association (NLGHA), 1990
111. National Lesbian and Gay Health Association (NLGHA), 1991
112. National Lesbian and Gay Health Association (NLGHA), 1992

Box 7

113. National Lesbian and Gay Health Association (NLGHA), 1993
114. National Lesbian and Gay Health Association (NLGHA), 1994
115. National Lesbian and Gay Health Association / National Association of Lesbian and Gay Alcholism Professionals (NLGHA/NALGAP), 1994
116. 17th National Lesbian and Gay Health Conference (NLGHA), 6/14-6/29/1995
117. National Lesbian and Gay Health Association (NLGHA) – Staff/ Official Working Documents, 1995-1996
118. National Lesbian and Gay Health Assocation (NLGHA), 1995-1996
119. National Ryan White Title III B Coalition, 1995
120. National Youth Advocacy Coalition, 1992-1993
121. National Youth Advocacy Coalition, 1994-1996
122. National Youth Advocacy Colation, 1997-1998 (1 of 2)

Box 8

122. National Youth Advocacy Coalition, 1997-1998 (2 of 2)
123. Writings
124. Candidates for National Staff: National March on Washington – October 11, 1987
125. March on Washington – Nat[ional] Executive Committee Oct. 11, 1987
126. March on Washington 1987
127. March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights – October 11, 1987

Box 9

128. Rally N.O.W. 1987
129. Movement – March on Washington 1989
130. March on Washington, 1993
131. NOLAG
132. NOLAG: Minutes and Resolutions
133. Miscellaneous Gay Youth
134. Stonewall 25
135. Robin Tyler

Box 10

136. 7th International Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Youth and Student Conference, 1990 (Conference Agenda, Info. for Workshop Participants)
137. International Lesbian & Gay Association, 14th Annual World Conference, Paris 1992 (Agenda, Meeting Minutes)
138. Dutch Association for the Integration of Homosexuality (HOMODOK), VIII International Conference on AIDS, Amsterdam 1992 (Conference Agenda)
139. National Colloquium of Gay & Lesbian Youth, 1993 (Meeting Minutes, Mission Statement)
140. IX International Conference on AIDS, Berlin 1993
141. National Youth Advocacy Coalition First Annual Summit, 1997
142. International Lesbian & Gay Association 15th Annual Conference, Barcelona 1993 (Agenda, Workshop Minutes)
143. International Lesbian & Gay Human Rights Commission, 1991 (Articles relating to Julie Dorf, Executive Director; Policies; By-laws; articles of incorporation; mission statements)

Box 11

144. International Lesbian & Gay Human Rights Commission, 1992 (News articles; meeting minutes; mission statements; policies; press releases; newsletters; memos & correspondence)
145. International Lesbian & Gay Human Rights Commission, 1993 (Press releases; policies; newsletters; action alerts)
146. American Friends Service Committee “Bridges Project,” 1993 (Mission statement, committee meeting minutes, budgets)
147. International Lesbian & Gay Association (ILGA), 1990-1992 (Meeting minutes, conference papers)
148. National Advocacy Coalition on Youth & Sexual Orientation, 1993-1994 (Mission statement, meeting minutes)
149. National Center for Lesbian Rights, 1990-1993 (Meeting minutes, newsletters)
150. RFSL: Swedish Federation of Gay & Lesbian Rights, 1991-1992 (Conference agenda for 1992)
151. Psychotherapy (American Psychological Association Committee on Lesbian and Gay Concerns: 2 reports, 1988 & 1990; “Counseling and Homosexuality: Some Considerations” (unauthored paper); “Aging and Lesbian/Gay Male Questionnaire”; Robert Hawkins & A. Elfin Moses, “The Do’s and Don’t’s of a Course on Lesbian and Gay Issues”; Warren Blumenfeld, “Backfire: How Homophobia Harms Heterosexuals”)