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Collection #108

John J. Kearns Papers

Date:1988 - 2003
Size:5 inches


On July 7, 2009, John J. Kearns donated 5 inches of items and materials relating to Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera to the National History Archive. Kearns received some items from Randolfe Wicker, who approved the donation.

Scope and Content

The collection includes materials relating primarily to Marsha Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. Included are some video material, posters, and mementos relating to Marsha Johnson’s death and memorial, including the video “PAY IT NO MIND! A Memorial Tribute to SAINT MARSHA P. JOHNSON (aka Malcolm Michaels Jr.)” as well as many of Randy Wicker’s newsletters to the “Friends of Marsha P. Johnson” group relating to her death and its investigation. The collection also contains several audio interviews with Hot Peaches members relating to Hot Peaches and Marsha Johnson as well as some Hot Peaches programs, scripts, and newspaper clippings. Some audio material relating to Sylvia Rivera’s life with friend and lover Frank Constantino in Westchester is also included. The collection also contains John J. Kearns’s research material, including proposals, outlines, interviews, and notes.

History or Bio

Nothing is known of the photographer.

Folder List

Box 1

1. [John J. Kearns research proposal, outlines, interviews and notes]
2. [Randolfe Wicker newsletters]
3. [Memorial posters and mementos]
4. [Hot Peaches programs and cabaret script]


1. “PAY IT NO MIND! A Memorial Tribute to SAINT MARSHA P. JOHNSON (aka Malcolm Michaels Jr.)”Produced, directed, and filmed by Randy Wicker. Edited by Fred N. Orlansky. Gay Pride Parade in New York City 28 Jun 1992. Street memorial where Marsha Johnson’s body was pulled from the Hudson River.Memorial service, march, and drag show. Speakers include: Jean Michaels, Robert Michaels, Dr. Marjorie Hill, Agosto Machado, Jimmy [Camicia], Jeremiah Newton, Randy Wicker, Sylvia Rivera, Bob Kohler, Mama Jean, Bob Storm, Randy Wicker, Norma Michaels, Regina Finlin, Judy Hirschberg. Acts include: Boy Bar Beauties, Miss Understood, Queer Donna.
2. Bennie Toney interview 1997; Street memorial 1992Bennie Toney recounts the day Marsha Johnson disappeared 4 Jul 1992 and describes her suspected murderer.Street memorial where Marsha Johnson’s body was pulled from the Hudson River.


1. Cassette: Amy Coleman interview 16 Jul 2000
Member of Hot Peaches. Amy Coleman’s relationship with Jimmy Camicia. Marsha Johnson’s role in Hot Peaches, mental health and institutionalization.
2. Cassette: Frank Constantino interview 16 Mar 2002
Sylvia Rivera’s lover, roommate, friend from circa 1979. Frank Constantino and Sylvia Rivera’s life in Tarrytown and Yonkers, NY circa 1980s. Sylvia Rivera’s life and activism in New York City circa 1990, shelter experiences, alcoholism and drug use.
3. Cassette: Frank Constantino interview 16 Mar 2002_Frank Constantino’s life in Dobbs Ferry living with brother, in his own apartment.
4. Cassette: Marie Jamille interview_Member of Hot Peaches. Michael Lynch’s sister. Hot Peaches show “Christopher Street Columbus.”
5. Cassette: Michael Lynch interview 16 Dec 2000
Member of Hot Peaches. “Street Theater” play at the Mineshaft 1982. STAR. Marsha Johnson’s role in Hot Peaches performances.
6. Cassette: Bobby Miller interview 29 Mar 2002_Marsha Johnson’s early days on the street panhandling, interest in Easter. Bobby Miller reads his poem “Marsha P. Johnson March.”
7. Cassette: Randy Wicker interview 1 Feb 2003, starts on side B
Marsha Johnson’s activist activity in GAA, Heritage of Pride. Marsha Johnson and Randy Wicker’s relationship with Sylvia Rivera. Marsha Johnson’s mental health, institutionalization, prostitution, life living with Randy Wicker. Picketing Whitehall Induction Center.