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Collection #139

Jean Constantin Nicolesco-Dorobonzou Papers

Date:1896 - 1988 (Bulk 1925 - 1988)
Size:2 feet


Gift of George Pfiffner, heir to Nicolesco-Dorobonzou.

Scope and Content

French national born in Paris to Rumanian mother. Includes many personal travel documents for both himself and his mother Angele-Marie Zissu, as well as her naturalization documents to become a French citizen. Many personal documents in French language. Some in Rumanian language. Moved to New York, NY and worked as an artist. Includes many photos and negatives of his artwork, also photos of his donations to the Metropolitan Museum of Art costume collection. Includes some of his original sketches and drawings. Includes some legal documents, correspondence, and personal invoices. Many unlabelled family photographs.

History or Bio

Born in Paris, France, on May 7, 1925 to Rumanian mother, Angele-Marie Zissu, a naturalized French citizen. Educated in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. Parents divorced; father remained in Rumania. Moved to New York, NY (during the 1940’s?) and worked as an artist. Worked in several media, including needlepoint, jewelry design, photography, watercolor. Committed suicide June 1988 due in part to financial problems.

Folder List

Box 1

1. [Childhood]
2. [Address Books and Date Book, 1925]
3. [Correspondance]
4. [Legal Documents]
5. [ID and Travel Documents]
6. [Manuscripts of Short Stories]
7. [List of Works]
8. [Invoices]
9. [Miscellaneous]
10. [Angele-Marie Zissu (mother)]
11. [Poster for Art Show]
12. [Art Photos]
13. [Photos of Artwork]
14. [Drawings, Sketches, etc.]
15. [Photos of Work]
16. [Photo Tryptych]
17. [Photo Album 1925-1928]
18. [Photos from Photo Album]
19. [Photographic Negatives]
20. [Photos from Trip to Martinique]
21. [Loose Photos]
22. [Loose Photos]
23. [Loose Photos]
24. [Loose Photos]
25. [Loose Photos]
26. [Photo on Glass]
27. [Printing Plates, Metal]