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Collection #92

Harvey Herskowitz Papers

Date:1987 - 1996
Size:5 inches


This collection was donated by the author, Harvey Herskowitz. It came in two groups starting in 1995 and ending in 1996.

Use Restrictions

The copyright is retained by Mr. Herskowitz.

Scope and Content

This collection contains mainly autobiographical writings of the author, Harvey Herskowitz. He describes his life as a gay, Jewish man living in Brooklyn. Also included are reflections on significant people in his life, particularly family members, friends, ancestors and several young gay men he befriended and assisted. A number of photographs, copies of letters and other documents are included in each of the books.

History or Bio

Harvey Herskowitz was born in New York in 1945. After graduating from Long Island University he taught in high schools in Wisconsin for a number of years before returning to New York and working in the Teachers Retirement System in the civil service. He describes himself as the type of person that others would seek out for advice and support. He formed a number of relationships with young men to whom he would offer peer counseling and friendship.

Folder List

Box 1

  1. The Testament of Harvey Herskowitz
  2. The Second Testament of Harvey Herskowitz
  3. The Third Testament of Harvey Herskowitz
  4. The Fourth Testament of Harvey Herskowitz