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Collection #28

H. Wayne Bardy Papers

Date:1950 - 1992
Size:4 feet


This collection includes memorabilia and some records of Harvey Wayne Bardy. These papers were donated by Bardy’s sister, Laverne H. Bardy Pollack. In a handwritten note from Ms. Pollack (on back of contribution agreement), she states that the collection was not organized in any way.

Scope and Content

Personal journals, papers regarding promotion of gay travel and entertainment events and performers (including Rollerena), personal papers and pictures regarding world travels, family and friends, pictures and papers documenting Bardy’s contacts with famous persons from politics and entertainment.

History or Bio

Harvey Wayne Bardy grew up in Union, N.J., where his Jewish family had been farmers since the early 1900s and later operated a small chain of grocery stores; stores were sold, but family held the real estate into the 1980s. Father (Joseph) died in 1956. Mother remarried to Judge William Hodes (both died in late 1980s). Graduated from Dean Junior College, Penn State and Washington College of Law. Failed bar exams. In Washington became a “star-gazer,” contriving to attend social events and meet celebrities. Worked at William Morris Advertising Agency for five years, and then began to do personal management and creative packaging; enjoyed traveling; sometimes modeled; founding member of Beth Simchat Torah Synagogue (a gay congregation) in Greenwich Village. An early promoter of gay travel and commercial social events; died 4/21/92 of injuries in a motorcycle accident four days earlier.

Folder List

Box 1

1. [Notes and pictures for biography, 1985-1991]
2. Bardy vrs. [sic] Alexanders ’89 Department store suit
3. Alexander’s Law Suite [sic]
4. 1984 [postcard collection; early AIDS lit]
5. 1983, 1981
6. 1982
7. David Hampton>6 Degrees of Seperation [sic]
8. 1980 [includes guest book]
9. 1978

Box 2

10. 1974 Gay Weekend — ’74 led to cruise connection
11. 1977-1978
12. 1975 — Entertainment Center
13. [1974 QE 2 accident]
14. [T-Shirt re cross-country round-trip on motorcycle}
15. Misc.
16. Dusit thani Hotel S.E. Asia Hotel Bookings ’74
17. General Bookings 73-74 ‘Discovery’ of street entertainment as viable club acts & ship bookings
18. With Presidents [photos, etc.]
19. Mother/Laverne & Bill file Momentos [sic] and private moments between I and family
20. Cycle Trip ’75 [spiral notebook]
21. Pollak — sister

Box 3

22. Social Invites mid — late 70’s
23. Invitations
24. [Promotional Materials: travel and clients]
25. Records [book of records of finances from 1957-66]
26. Compositions [notebook]
27. Record Book [red book with only a few pages of notes]
28. [Tablet (4 X 7″) with handwritten notes]
29. [Personal memorabilia from 1950’s and 1960’s]
30. [Private correspondence]
31. [Lester Lanin hat]

Box 4

32. [Miscellaneous notes]
33. [Bed and breakfast business]
34. Home Rental … B/B
35. The High Sea Islanders M.S. Renaissance 1974 [material re gay cruise]
36. Merchandising — Renaissance
37. Originals Blues ‘K’ & Letters [‘Blues” pertains to Mr. Blue Flettreich of Gay cruises]
38. Leisure Time Entertain Program Renaissance
39. [Renaissance Cruise]
40. Renaissance Islander Cruise High Sez
41. [Islander’s Club]
42. [Renaissance Cruise]

Box 5

43. Klimax 1982
44. Manhattan Publishing
45. [Misc. large photos; numerous envelopes from picture processors containing prints and negatives]

Box 6

46. [Numerous prints and negatives of Bardy, family, friends, vacation scenes, home, etc.]
47. [Greeting cards]
48. [Photos, including clients, old family pictures]
49. [Miscellaneous papers]

Box 7

50. “A Comparative Study of Homosexuality & the Law: U.S. vs. England”
51. [Stationary]
52. Employment Prospects
53. [Letters and photos]
54. [Postcards]
55. [Personal pix]
56. [Miscellaneous memorabilia with handwritten notes attached]
57. [Correspondendence; San Francisco pix]
58. Summer of ’67

Box 8

59. [Photos and documents re Bardy’s contacts with famous people]
60. [Miscellaneous]
61. 1976 — National Tea Dance [plus Gay Cruise promotional material]
62. [Tea dance materials]
63. N.T.D. [National Tea Dance] Papers
64. [Tea Dances]
65. Questionable 1000 wk rental apt Coop bored [sic]
66. William Morris Pre Perks & Payola

Box 9

67. Klimax Printing Lic./Co.
68. Meskin/Terror-Booking
69. Gypsy Feet
70. Les Mouches
71. N.Y. Nude — Phantom
72. [Business proposals]
73. [Memorabilia]
74. [Letters and materials re famous people]
75. [QE 2 material]
76. Entertainers/Booking
77. New York Entertainment Center
78. [Lisa Carroll/Jeff Sheridan material]
79. Hotel Entertainers
80. [Richard Wexler publicity]
81. [Wright Bros. publicity]
82. [Miscellaneous: letters, personal papers, etc.]

Box 10

83. L/G Resources Directory
84. [Gay mailing lists, information on gay Jews, miscellaneous items on gay organizations]
85. Thani Hotel, Bangkok
86. [World map indicating places to which Bardy had traveled] Oversize removed to box 26, folder 86.
87. Trip around the world Sept. 69 [notebook]
88. [Red notebook: journal]
89. Rio Feb 14 ’91 [black and white composition book]
90. Bookings
91. More PRESS Correspondence
92. Thomas & Thomas Design Inc. [stamped mark]
93. [More Rollerena material]
94. Dictated letters to R.R. 1978
95. Roller Arena BOOKINGS Press R.R. from 1975

Box 11

96. 1979 [Rollerena]
97. Roller Rina. [sic]
98. [Rollerena]
99. Rollerena 74 > originally st. entertainer
100. [Personal pix re Rollerena]
101. Rollerena Cards/Poster

Box 12

102. [Memorabilia: greeting cards, invitations, ticket stubs, correspondence]
103. [Invitations, correspondence, clippings, photos]
104. [Papers relevant to New York Political Action Council (NYPAC) and Greater Gotham Business Council]