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Collection #153

George Charles Pfiffner Papers

Date:1921 - 2004 (Bulk 1940 - 2000)
Size:1 foot


This collection was received as a gift from George Charles Pfiffner.

Scope and Content

The great majority of the collection is personal correspondence, particulary with his mother Marie Pfiffner and during his time as a soldier in World War II. There is also correspondence from a variety of friends and family throughout his life as well as unmailed correspondence. The collection also contains Pfiffner’s financial records, such as receipts and bills, records from the end of his employment at Women’s Day magazine, and correspondence between Pfiffner and his landlord over his apartment lease. The collection also holds medical papers from Pfiffner’s later years, and notes and transcriptions from therapy sessions. Finally, the collection includes set design plans and drawings, drafts of poetry and fiction, Christmas cards made by Pfiffner, and photographs. The archive also has a collection (Collection 147) of papers from Kermit Buford Kelly, the long time partner of Pfiffners.

History or Bio

George C. Pfiffner was born November 11, 1923 in St. Louis Missouri to Geo and Marie Pfiffner. He attended one semester at the University of Missouri before he was drafted and served in World War II. After the war ended, he attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London until he was tranported back to the United States. After returning to the country, Pfiffner moved to Hollywood and worked in the theater in a variety of roles such as actor, stage hand, and set designer. Eventually he got a job in television with KLAC TV as a Floor Manager and there started designing mobiles and other displays. He then moved to New York to design window displays for stores. In New York, Pfiffner got a job at Woman’s Day Magazine and worked there for fourteen years. Since leaving Woman’s Day, Pfiffner has written four children’s books, designed sets for plays, and performed with the group Instant Shakespeare. Pfiffner’s correspondence shows a close relationship with his mother, family, and partner Kermit Kelly.

Folder List

Box 1

1. 1942 [Letters]
2. 1943 January-June [Letters]
3. 1943 July-December [Letters]
4. 1944 January-July [Letters]
5. 1944 August-December [Letters]
6. [1946-1949 Letters]
7. Mother’s Letters 1960s-1970s [Marie Martha Pfiffner]
8. [Mother’s letters 1980s (Marie Martha Pfiffner)]
9. Dad’s Letters, Geo Sr.
10. [Letter Between George, Geo Sr., and Marie Pfiffner 1960s]
11. Doris [Pfiffner’s] Letters
12. [Letters Between George Pfiffner and Kermit Kelly 1966-1967]
13. [Charles Roger’s Letters]
14. [Letters 1930s-1980s]
15. [Letters 1990s-2000s]
16. Mother’s Memorial [Marie Martha Pfiffner]
17. Unmailed Correspondence
18. Donna Quance [Letters]
19. Regina Ress [Letters]
20. [Finance
21. Notes on Therapy
22. Christmas Cards
23. [Baby Record Book for George Pfiffner]
24. Lady House Blues [Set Design]
25. [Creative Writing]
26. Early Works [Photography]
27. [Photographs]