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Collection #56

Gay and Lesbian Americans Records

Date:1993 - 1994
Size:5 inches


This collection was donated by Ray Dries, who was one of the founders of Gay & Lesbian Americans.

Use Restrictions

No names may be published unless (1) they are publicly known as gay, or (2) their permission has been obtained, or (3) they are deceased. restrictions are only in regards to publication; any researcher may view or copy any document in the collection.

Scope and Content

This collection contains important information regarding the organization. It is the Gay & Lesbian Americans organizational paperwork, consisting of newsletters, by laws, flyers, memos, media contact lists just to name a few.

History or Bio

Gay & Lesbian Americans was a diverse, non-partisan coalition of grassroots advocates who were committed to civil rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people, and to a cure for AIDS. They worked through community – based Chapters. As a results oriented organization, they worked to seek an end of governmental discrimination against individuals based on sexual orientation. To accomplish their goals they worked to gain the support of Congress, the president, governors, state legislatures, mayors, city councils and the public.

Folder List

Box 1

1. [Flyers from 1994 announcing Gay & Lesbian Americans]
2. Gay & Lesbian Americans of Oregon
3. April – June 1994 GLA Newsletter
4. [By laws. copy of newsletter, stationary, press releases, flyers and programs]
5. [GLA / National – Steering Committee ]
6. Stonewall 25 & GLA [ Gay & Lesbian Americans vs William Bratton]
7. GLA Summit
8. Internal GLA memos
9. Media contact sheets
10. National Advisory Board
11. G.L.A. Chapters
12. Steering Committee
13. Mailing lists
14. GLA DC phone lists
15. GLA Summit Attendees
16. David Primo – add to list