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Collection #116

Gay Games IV

Date:1990 - 1996 (Bulk 1991 - 1996)
Size:2 feet


Donated by Ann Northrop in May of 2006.

Use Restrictions

Names, addresses, and phone numbers found on mailing and membership lists may not be published or used in any manner.  No photocopies of these lists may be made.

Scope and Content

This collection includes files from the non-profit organization New York in ’94 and are related to planning the Gay Games in 1994 (sometimes refered to as Unity ’94) which took place in New York City in the Summer of 1994.  It also includes files related to debt management, fundraising and settlement terms related to debt incurred as a result of holding the Games.  These files include meeting notes, memoranda, personal correspondence, hiring and personnel records, legal and financial records, press releases, and announcements mostly produced by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of New York in ’94, of which Ann Northrop was a part.  She was Co-President of New York in ’94.

History or Bio

The stated mission of the Federation of Gay Games is in part “changing cultural, social and political attitudes towards LGBT people across the globe, while at the same time empowering thousands with the transforming benefits of sports competition.”  The Federation exists to ensure the continuation of the Games, which were organized in 1982 by Tom Cracovia in San Francisco.  It has grown into the largest athletic and cultural event in the world.

The 1994 games took place in New York City, from June 18 to 25, 1994.  The games coincided with the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall riots with the theme of “Unity.”  Providing access to international athletes living with HIV and whether or not to admit athletes from Apartheid era South Africa were major issues during the planning of the Games.  Although a big success, the Games did not make enough money to cover costs and New York in ’94 was forced into extra fundraising and debt resettlement after the event was over.  Actor Sir Ian McKellen gave the closing address at Yankee Stadium on June 25, 1994.

Folder List

Box 1

1. Gay Games [Debt management, athlete registration book, income statement summaries, Executive Committee notes and memoranda]
2. HIV AIDS Youth GG [U.S. Non-immigration visa for HIV positive athletes, scholarship program & policy]
3. GG [Executive Committee notes and memoranda]
4. Gay Games [Removed from inside folder (3)]
5. Project Demonstrating Excellence
6. 1988 Youth [ Committee to Include Youth at Pride and Gay Games IV]
7. [Loose files in box 1]

Box 2

8. [Loose files in box 1- Organizing Template and Board of Directors personal information files, resume’s]
9. [Gay Games Executive Committee and Board of Directors meeting minutes, notes, vote tally for co-president of Gay Games, board history, mock-up for athlete registration]
10. Press conference to announce economic impact of Gay Games IV
11. [Loose Executive Committee correspondence regarding public relations travel and organizing of Games and Festival]
12. Gay Games Scholarships
13. [Loose – correspondence, marketing notes]
14. HIV Exclusion

Box 3

15. [Loose – Board of Directors meeting minutes regarding marketing, public relations and “transsexual” controversy]
16. Transportation Services
17. Dates of Gay Games IV
18. Gay Games – current
19. Cultural Festival
20. [Loose – Cultural festival, scholarships, Board of Directors and Executive Committee notes and minutes]

Box 4

21. Gay Games Cultural Prospectus
22. GG Video [Board of Directors record – bankruptcy, financial statements, and fundraising efforts]
23. [Unity ’94 Shirt Program Proposal, Volunteer Organizing Committee]
24. Gay Games [Organizing Committee]
25. [Gay Games – Loose Files Board of Directors Executive Committee]
26. [Scheduling Survey – Gay Games IV] 1 of 2
27. [Scheduling Survey – Gay Games IV] 2 of 2

Box 5

28. [Sponsorship, Gay Games IV marketing, pledge material, volunteer information, Gay Games IV ‘March on Washington’]
29. [IRS application for exemption, fundraising examples from previous unrelated events, budget material
30. [Request for proposal (RFP) submission to Federation of Gay Games for New York in ’94]
31. [Correspondence (letters, notes, and brochures) from Jay Hill to Ann Northrop regarding planning and organizing of New York in ’94, executive director search]
32. [Fundraising, South Africa trip, Executive Committee minutes, Executive Assistant search, culture festival, budget, graphic identity]

Box 6

33. [Executive committee minutes, fundraising, Community Challenge race, internal correspondence, Press releases]
34. [Executive Committee minutes, operations report, culture festival RFP]
35. [Press coverage, internal correspondence, public relations, Mayor Dinkins press release, draft and final draft editorial NYQ, Magic Johnson correspondence, contacts]
36. [Commercial Lease, expense data, move plans, performance evaluations, organizing]