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Collection #8

Gay and Lesbian Youth of New York Records

Date:1980 - 1990 (Bulk 1982 - 1989)
Size:9 inches


Everything in the collection was owned and maintained by Gay Youth (GY) of gay and Lesbian Youth of New York (GLYNY) at one time. In 1989, at the creation of GLYNY’s Herstory-History Project (HHP), GLYNY possessed documents only from mid-1985 to 1989. Some early documents in this collection had left GLYNY’s hands and went to individual former members. These records were returned to GLYNY through the HHP. Other GLYNY members donated parts of their personal collections to HHP. In addition. c. 1989, a drawerful of GLYNY documents were found in a piece of furniture lying about the Lesbian and Gay community Services Center, where GLYNY met for several years. This addition comprises the majority of the 1982 to mid-1985 records. The collection was turned over to the National Archive of Lesbian and Gay History by vote of GLYNY in 1990.

Use Restrictions

No names may be published unless the person is publicly known to be LGBTQ+, has given permission, or is deceased.

Scope and Content

The records contain flyers (copies and originals), letters by and to the group, notes, minutes, agenda, financial records, and other records.

Files 39 and 66 contain photographs. Documents regarding GLYNY’s relationship to the Institute for the Protection of Lesbian and Gay Youth can be found in folder 16. GLYNY’s bylaws committee which restructured the organization in 1987 is documented in detail. Other GLYNY related materials can be found elsewhere in the archive, scattered through a number of collections.

History or Bio

Gay Youth (of New York, GY) started as a sub group of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) and in February 1970 became an autonomous organization founded, and run by youth. Because all members had to be under 21 (later 22) years old, GY’s leadership changed hands often. GY survived the demise of GLF and most other liberationist era gay organizations. Circa 1980, the name was changed to Gay & Lesbian Youth of New York (GLYNY). In the 1980’s GLYNY’s style of leadership changed several times. GLYNY had a steering committee & appears to have been run “democratically,” but by 1985 GLYNY had a series of 2 person codirectorships appointed by previous directors. Although GLYNY remained youth run, they instituted an Adult Advisory Board. In 1988, the group put a steering committee back in charge and disbanded the Advisory Board. In 1989, GLYNY created a newsletter, “Youthquake”. At the time of processing this collection GLYNY is known as Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Youth of New York (BiGLYNY).

GLYNY gave birth to a number of other autonomous organizations including Long Island Gay & Lesbian Youth and Scarlet Letters, a gay youth penpal organization. GLYNY shared many members/clients with the Hetrick Martin Institute, the Dark Star Crew, the Youth Enrichment Services program of the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, and other New York metropolitan gay youth groups.

Folder List

Box 1

1. GLYNY Log Book [spiral notebook of notes at organizing meetings, draft of letter by Linda Marc, GLYNY codirector and other notes. The metal spiral binding was removed in processing].
2. [Miscellaneous GLYNY papers primarily from 1983-85. Over a third of the papers were given to GLYNY by Wayne Steinman. Folder includes the booklet “Shelter Program/GLYNY/Winter ’85,” miscellaneous letters, 1970 GY flyer, and a 1983 letter from GLYNY leader Sheryl Snitkin to non-member Cherry (T C Romaan) Agard, who would later be on the GLYNY steering committee.
3. G.L.Y.N.Y [miscellaneous documents, primarily correspondance, flyers mostly from 1983-85, July 1983 copy of Manhattan Borough President’s proclamation of GLYNY Weekend, 1976 constitution, and a 1979 flyer.
4. [New York City Youth Board direct program grant contracts with the Church of Our Lady of Pompeii from 1982 and 1983, and 1985 proposal from Lesbian and Gay Health Advocacy
5. [GLYNY 1983 notes, minutes, and photocopy of GLYNY Certificate of Incorporation.]
6. [Agenda, April 1983 and North Star Fund proposal, May 1983.]
7. December 1984 [Miscellaneous papers., letters and flyers, mostly from 1983. Date on folder appears to be inaccurate but may refer to undated documents].
8. New Youth Connections [Dunning letters from NYC periodical for ads placed in GLYNY’s name, 1985-87]
9. June 1985 [Telephone survey regarding seizure disorders, conducted by GLYNY leader Linda Marc and published by the Department of Health of the City of New York]
10. July 1983 [Miscellaneous including North American Man/Boy Love Association constitution]
11. Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center [1985 requests for space at the Center]
12. February 1985, March 1985 [Two folders were combined by processor. They include papers re: Harvey Milk School and other topics, and announcement of available grant money from the Department of State of the State of New York
13. June 1983 [includes what appears to be questions probably written by a student audience at an appearance by GLYNY in a mainstream high school, GLYNY minutes, and AIDS information]
14. January 1983, March 1983 [Two folders were combined by processor. They include miscellaneous papers, and a postcard from GLYNY leader Marcos Bisticas-Cocoves]
15. Adult Advisory Board [c. 1985].
16. Institute for the Protection of Lesbian and Gay Youth [1985].
17. August 1982/September 1982, [primarily correspondence, two files combined]
18. Financial info. (hah!) including petty cash reciepts [sic] presently correct 2/26 [mostly 1982-1983]. 7/8 inch
19. Bank statements – First Federal [1985-1987].
20. May 1983 [primarily notes, minutes, correspondence]
21. October, 1987 [miscellaneous flyers]
22. [Flyer, Youth Violence Report Form GLYNY, Eromin House (Philadelphia) letter ,Essay: The Oppression of a People by Norman A. Meyers. Four files combined.]
23. [Notes & speeches, preliminary storyboards for GLYNY television commercial.]
24. [c. 1986-1989, miscellaneous flyers, notes, poetry, Second Annual Awards Ceremony.]

Box 2

25. Bylaws Committee (1987) [notes on GLYNY meetings that created 1988 GLYNY constitution]
26. GLYNY By-Laws, Mike Doyle’s notes of early 1987 Constitution Committee. 3/8 inch
27. 1986 Jan-Jun [general-meeting notes]
28. Jan-Jun ’87 [miscellaneous]
29. Jul-Dec ’88 [miscellaneous].
30. Jan-Jun ’89/Jul-Dec ’89 [two files combined].
31. Nov ’85/Dec ’85/Jan ’86 [primarily correspondence, includes papers about GLYNY 2nd annual cocktail-dinner party; 3 files combined].
32. Feb ’86 [primarily correspondence, includes papers about GLYNY 2nd annual cocktail-dinner party]
33. March ’86/April ’86 [includes flyer for GLYNY Saint Patrick’s Dance and correspondence between GLYNY & NYC Department of Health; 2 files combined].
34. May ’86/June ’86/August ’86/September ’86 [includes attendance lists, sign-up sheets for GLYNY mailing list, Stanley M. Isaac’s & Linda G. Marc’s resignations; 4 files combined].
35. October 1986/November 1986/December 1986 [miscellaneous; 3 files combined].
36. January 1987 [correspondence & minutes of general meetings]
37. February 1987/March 1987/April 1987 [3 files combined].
38. May 1987 [primarily notes taken at general meetings].
39. June 1987 [Includes letter from Auttralia looking for U.S.contacts. Photo was enclosed with the letter]
40. July 1987/September 1987/October 1987/Bus & Train Travel Reservation Forms [for March on Washington 1987; 4 files combined]
41. November 1987/December 1987/January 1988/February 1988 [4 files combined]
42. March 1988 [mostly minutes of general meetings]
43. April 1988 [includes ballots; 2 files combined]
44. May 1988 [mostly minutes of general meetings].
45. June 1988
46. July 1988 [includes transcript of GLYNY’s television appearance and ballots; 2 files combined]
47. August 1988 [includes financial documents from January to August; 2 files combined]
48. September 1988 [includes ballots; 2 files combined].
49. October 1988
50. November 1988.
51. December 1988.
52. January 1989 [includes ballots; 2 files combined].
53. February 1989 [largely papers regarding 20th anniversary party, 19 February 1989].
54. ISSUE 1/Submissions originals [of Youthquake].
55. March 1989.
56. April 1989 [includes ballots; 2 files combined]

Box 3

57. May 1989/June 1989 [2 files combined].
58. July 1989/August 1989/September 1989 [3 files combined].
59. [1990, miscellaneous flyers.]
60. [Youthquake articles typeset. These articles were never printed.]
61. Bank statements. Ensign [Ensign Bank & other financial records, 1987-88].
62. [Adolescent sexuality survey consent forms.]
63. Youthquake – for layout [never printed].
64. [General meeting attendance lists and steering committee notes by Adam Reinstein-Montanez.]
65. Youthquake (February 1989) vol. 1, no. 1 originals.
66. Fashion show pics circa 1985(?) w/ a Gay Youth business card [photographs].