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Collection #136

Folsom Street East Records

Date:1998 - 2015
Size:1 foot


These records were given to The Center Archive by the Folsom Street East organization in November 2005.

Use Restrictions

No access permitted for 20 years from date of issuance except for (or with the permission of) the Board of Folsom Street East.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of Folsom Street East’s Board agendas and minutes, along with correspondence and internal documents used in producing the annual public street fair. They include letters to and from city licensing agencies, insurance agreements, invoices and receipts from suppliers and vendors, financial budgets and reports, and contact lists of volunteers. There are also a small number of promotional cards.

History or Bio

Folsom Street East (FSE) is an annual street festival in New York City organized by and for the greater leather, fetish, and kink communities, queer and straight, beginning in 1998. It shares the name “Folsom” from the street fair first (and still) held in San Francisco, and another in Berlin. The street fair is promoted as a community fundraiser, with a donation requested at the entrance. The organization has estimated that it has raised around $350,000 since its inception that has been donated to numerous gay organizations, including New York’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, and the Anti-Violence Project. FSE maintains a website,


No access permitted for 20 years from date of issuance except for (or with the permission of) the Board of Folsom Street East.

Folder List

Box 1

1. [List of documents 1998-2007]
2. [Agendas, minutes, documents 1998-2001]
3. [Documents and correspondence 2001-2003]
4. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2002-2004]
5. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2005]
6. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2006]
7. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2007]
8. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2008]
9. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2009]
10. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2010] 1 of 2
11. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2010] 2 of 2
12. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2011] 1 of 2
13. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2011] 2 of 2
14. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2012] 1 of 2
15. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2012] 2 of 2
16. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2013]
17. [Agendas and minutes 2013-2015]
18. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2014] 1 of 2
19. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2014] 2 of 2
20. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2015] 1 of 2
21. [Agendas, minutes, documents 2015] 2 of 2
22. [Promotional palm cards, admission sticker 2010-2015]