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Collection #159

East End Gay Organization (EEGO) Records

Date:1977 - 2009
Size:3 feet


Gift of Dorothy Sander

Scope and Content

These records of the East End Gay Organization (EEGO) contain meeting minutes, financial records, correspondence and material related to the many EEGO sponsored events. The events material includes flyers, programs, posters, photos, notes and emails kept by the event’s organizers. There is also video of a 1991 benefit at the Benson Gallery, video of a East Hampton Town Board meeting from 2002 and some audio files of a 1982 musical benefit show.

History or Bio

The East End Gay Organization (EEGO) was formed on the eastern end of Long Island in an area around the townships of Southampton and East Hampton in 1977. The group was formed by prominent members of the area’s LGBTQ community who felt a need for an organization to address local and national issues that concerned their community. Two of the first issues the group addressed in 1978 were local beach regulations and discrimination against women at a local gay bar. Many of the founding members were prominent in the arts and many of their fundraising events involved performance and visual arts. EEGO initiated public forums to discuss gay rights issues. They also became an important social outlet for the gay community with dinner, golf and tennis outings, tea dances, beach parties and clambakes. The group was active in advocating local non-discrimination laws and domestic partnership registry. By the mid ’80s much of their fundraising and advocacy focused on the AIDS crisis. In 1983 EEGO founded the Linda Liebman Human Rights Fund in the memory of one of its most beloved founding members who died at the age of 39. Like most LGBTQ organizations it has evolved over time and become more visible and integrated into the community, interacting with local businesses and supporting local charitable organizations. Gender parity in the membership has fluctuated over the years with some concern expressed in the ’80s that women were joining at a faster rate than men. The organization’s focus on activism versus social activities has fluctuated over time with changes in leadership. Most recently EEGO has initiated educational programs with local LGBTQ youth organizations. Their outreach now encourages membership by straight people.

Folder List

Box 1

1. Early History, Mission Statement, Bylaws
2. Flyers, Correspondence re various AIDS benefit events
3. AIDS Forum materials 1983
4. Playwrights Gala programs
5. EEGO Communications & Education Committee
6. Correspondence
7. Gala Night for Singing AIDS Benefit
8. Correspondence, Herb Cohen 1080s
9. Grant Application 1998
10. Donation Thank You Letters
11. Bylaws 2003-2006
12. Financial Records 1984-1985
13. Financial Records 1988-1994
14. Linda Liebman Human Rights Fund [meeting notes, financial records]
15. Donation receipts and financial records, Linda Liebman Human Rights Fund
16. Linda Liebman Memorial Service Speeches
17. June Garden Tour, 1992 Fundraising Event
18. EEGO Membership Committee
19. Obituaries
20. EEGO political Advocacy Records & Correspondence
21. Correspondence re Donations
22. Political Action 1980s
23. Youth Initiative
24. Note on Producing EEGO Newsletter, In Brief
25. Bylaws, Meeting Agendas & Minutes 1978-1979
26. Meeting Agendas & Minutes 1980-1985
27. Meeting Agendas & Minutes 1986-1989
28. Meeting Agendas & Minutes 1990-1999

Box 2

29. Meeting Agendas & Minutes 2000-2006
30. EEGO Linda Liebman Human Rights Fund AIDS Benefit “Touch of Love”
31. EEGO at the Benson [art gallery] Benefit, Promotional materials
32. EEGO at the Benson Benefit, Notes & Records
33. EEGO Arts Events, Flyers & Programs
34. “Forget Him”, One Act Play by Harvey Fierstein [script]
35. EEGO Golf Outing Records
36. EEGO Flyer for various events
37. EEGO Clambake 2005
38.EEGO Sponsored Wine Tour & Tasting
39. EEGO Program Notes, Diary 2006
40. EEGO Cultural Programs 2005
41.EEGO Silver Moonlight Serenade Benefit, 2002
42. EEGO 30th Anniversary Founders Celebration
43. Note & Correspondence, various Art & Cultural Events
44. Long Island Ducks
45. EEGO Summer Event notes & records 2001-2003
46. EEGO Event Records 2007 – Clambake, Line Dancing, Tea Dance
47. EEGO 2005 Golf Outing Records
48. EEGO Golf/Tennis Outing 2004
49. EEGO Cultural Series 2007
50. EEGO Golf Outing 2007
51. Memorial Day Party 2007

Box 3

52. South Hampton Town Board Meeting [re Domestic Partnership Registry]
53. Memorial Day Party 2004
54. Thanksgiving 2005-2006
55. EEGO Golf Outing 2006
56. Memorial Day Party 2008
57. Cultural Series 2009
58. EEGO Founders Celebration 2007
59. Tea Dance 2009
60. Sunset Cruise 2009
61. Photos on Disc – Founders Day Celebration, Golf Outing 2007, Clambake 2006, Thanksgiving 2009, Memorial Day 2007
62. Photos [various events]
63. Photos – Fishing Trip July 2004, Long Island Ducks
64. Photos – Golf/Tennis Outing 2004, Montauk
65. Photos – Silver Moonlight Serenade, 24 AUG 2002 [25th Anniversary Celebration]
66. Photos – EEGO at the Benson May 1988
67. Photos – Founders Dinner 2007, Montauk Downs [photos by Barbara Glassman]
68. Photos – Tag Sale 2002
69. Photo Album Contents, 1982-1985 [photos, clippings Flyers, programs, letters]
70. EEGO Celebrates, Silver Jubilee, June 2002 [powerpoint file on disk, Marge Sherman]
71. Photos from album, various EEGO events
72. Photos EEGO – summer 2005
73. Awards: Make-a-Wish 2007; Human Rights Campaign Award 1986

Unfoldered Items

Golf Outing Towel
EEGO pins
Award Plaque from EEGO Honoring Barney Frank
Oversize flyers (2) and poster in flat file drawer


1. VHS – EEGO at the Benson 1991

2. VHS – East Hampton  Town Board Meeting, 6 Sep 2002 [re Domestic Partnership Registration]


Cassette tape 1 – Midsummer Nights Revels 1982 [musical performers]
Cassette tape 2 – Midsummer Nights Revels 1982