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Collection #22

Chelsea Gay Association Records

Date:1977 - 1984
Size:7 inches


The records of the Chelsea Gay Association were donated to the Center Archive by Councilman Tom Duane. Duane was a leading member of the organization.

Use Restrictions

No names may be published unless (1) they are publically known to be gay or lesbian, or (2) their permission has been obtained, or (3) they are deceased. Restrictions are only in regards to publication; any researcher may view or copy any document in the collection.

Scope and Content

The Chelsea Gay Association Records include minutes, flyers, and some correspondence of the organization. There is also some flyers and other materials from other gay and lesbian groups, especially the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights and the Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee. The Newsletters of the organization can be found in the Archive’s vertical file, and the Ilardo Collection (#007) has some further materials.

History or Bio

The Chelsea Gay Association was the first neighborhood based gay and lesbian group in New York City. Founded in the fall of 1977, it lasted until the fall of 1984. It combined social events with political activity and was instrumental in the formation of what was to become the New York Lesbian and Gay Anti-violence Project.

Folder List

Box 1

1. [Steering Committee minutes and some agendas, 1978-1984.]
2. [Other Committee minutes and reports, 1978-1982.]
3. [“What is CGA” brochure., drafts, mockups, etc., 1978.]
4. [CGA financial records, 1980-1984.]
5. [Newsletter copy, press releases, etc, 1978.]
6. [1981 CGA Street Fair and Closet Sale 9/12/81.]
7. Chelsea Gay Assoc. 1983 Fair, [April 30, 1983].
8. [CGA response to Fire at Everard Baths, May 1977.]
9. [Response to homophobic remarks by Public Health Official as reported in Gay Community News, 1979.]
10. [Violence in Chelsea, 1980.]
11. [Miscellaneous CGA. flyers, schedules, etc. 1978.]

Box 2

12. [Miscellaneous CGA flyers, schedules, etc., 1979.]
13. [Miscellaneous CGA, including letters and questionnaires on what is good and bad about the organization, 1979-1984.]
14. [Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee, 1979.]
15. [Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights, 1978.]
16. [Miscellaneous flyers, mailings not from CGA, 1981-1984.]