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Collection #63

Arthur Harris Friedman Papers

Date:1950s - 1990s
Size:2 feet 7 inches


The papers from the estate of Arthur Harris Friedman, donated by the executor, Anton Sluiter on July 13, 1998.

Scope and Content

This collection contains personal and family papers, including birth certificate, passports, school certificates and photographs. It also contains scripts for TV plays (not produced), children’s books (not published), mystery stories (not published), outlines for plays, and handwritten notes.

History or Bio

Mr. Friedman graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Economics and English in 1950. During his career he worked in Sales Promotion for CBS TV Network and True Magazine, Copy and Art Direction for McCall’s Magazine, and as an Account Executive and Copywriter for Ketchum, MacLeod & Grove and Hy Ross Associates. He also spent much time working on manuscripts for plays, books, children’s literature and television. He was an active member of the gay and lesbian Natural History Group.

Folder List

Box 1

1. Franchise, Anyone (fiction)
2. The Pleasures of Travel (fiction)
3. Go Fetch, Zook (juvenile picture book)
4. All Those Pigeons (juvenile fiction)
5. Without Benefit of Subtitles (fiction)
6. Eric & Friend in Central Park
7. My Surprise Book
8. Lisa and Her Picture Frames
9. Quiver, Quaver And Quake
10. The Trouble with Her Image
11. Bold, But Not Too Bloody
12. The Royal Divorce, A True History
13. Intimate Territory
14. Embarrassment of Riches, A Comedy
15. Amos Brandon’s Rite

Box 2

16. Harry is Our Pet
17. Jimmy’s Adventures with the Amazing Disguise Kit
18. The Amazing Disguise Kit
19. More Adventures with the Amazing Disguise Kit
20. The Added Mechanical Attachment
21. Which Way Home
22. The Goddess Complex
23. When My Cousin From Africa Came to Visit (fiction)
24. The House Where Everything was Black or White
25. Restoration Nell (musical comedy)
26. My Cavaradossi
27. City Planning
28. Bajour, Bajour (musical comedy)
29. The Autobiography of Henry J. Torrings (TV play)
30. Sister Carrie (opera libretto)
31. The Answer (fiction)

Box 3

32. Hamlet with a Handmike
33. The Sidewalk Café as a State of Mind (travel)
34. What Unicorn in Whose Garden
35. There’s a Centaur in My Garden (TV comedy)
36. Miscellaneous Titles (fiction)
37. Balcony Ushers Review Concert Audiences
38. The Bards (fiction)
39. There are Gaps…(fiction)
40. Frau Cosima Sends…
41. Visual Impressions Count (fiction)
42. The Heldentenor (fiction/humor)

Box 4

43. Chapbooks
44. Chapbooks
45. Notes-“Hamlet with a Handmike”
46. Chapbooks; The Way It Happened Next (fiction)

Box 5

47. Miscellaneous
48. Chapbooks
49. Papers – “Quiver, Quaver and Quake”
50. Papers – “Peak Performance”
51. Chapbooks
52. Papers – “Cruising”
53. Chapbooks
54. Warren
55. Papers – Future Ideas
56. Dynamics of the Aging Patient (copy)
57. Travel Dynamics
58. Family photographs

Box 6

59. The Natural History Group
60. Anthonius Sluiter
61. Resume
62. Olin Water Scientists/Poolife
63. Olin-Super Sock It
64. True-#2
65. Publisher’s letters
66. Ad Copy
67. McCall’s
68. Aqualux
69. Pulsar II-Comm’l Pool Feeder
70. College Papers
71. Prime Timers
72. Girl Talk-layouts
73. Food and Drug Packaging (brochures)

Box 7

74. Kodak Instamatic-copy
75. HTH Dry Clorinator
76. Personal documents
77. A Film Approach for Monsanto Carpets
78. History of the Crusades
79. Brochures and cut paper: Ozite, Gilbey’s, Heublein, Stern & Co.
80. Layouts (Oversize removed to box 25, folder 80)
81. Let’s Talk About Omalon