2018 Annual Report

2018 was a year of progress at The Center. We forged lasting partnerships, launched exciting new initiatives, expanded our programming and more—all in support of our community.

This year, we were proud to:

Form statewide partnerships and build a network through our RiseOut advocacy program to advance the rights of LGBTQ New Yorkers and demand protections for our most vulnerable community members. The Center launched the RiseOut People’s Platform to represent a shared vision of justice and equity for the future of the LGBTQ community in New York State. Community leaders from every region in New York worked in collaboration to develop this inclusive, people-centered plan.

Expand our HIV services by adding a case manager to support community members living with HIV and increasing our HIV testing hours to five days a week, thanks in part to a record-breaking year for Cycle for the Cause, our annual AIDS bike ride from Boston to NYC.

Launch our first-ever career fair for transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) community members, in addition to our first-ever TGNC-specific family building event, and provide resources on family building and employment opportunities through our LGBTQ Career Fair and Family Building Expos.

LGBTQ Family Building Expo

Find, preserve and share the untold stories of the Stonewall Riots of 1969 and the early years of the LGBTQ rights movement. With support from Google.org, The Center gathered, digitized and archived this crucial history. The stories will be included in an interactive monument in honor of the 50th anniversary of Stonewall.

Increase services for LGBTQ immigrants with our Queer Immigrant Mentorship program and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for Spanish-speaking community members.

Support our largest-ever cohort of youth recovery program participants and empower LGBGTQ youth with inclusive sexual health education, leadership development programs and more. The Center also launched a TGNC in Recovery Group, providing a safe and supportive space for TGNC community members to address substance use.


Program Services $10,402,591 78.2%
Management & General $1,386,729 10.4%
Fundraising $1,519,927 11.4%
Total Expenses $13,309,247

Statement of Financial Position as of June 30, 2018 and 2017




Cash and cash equivalents 2,641,311 4,873,960
Investments 3,654,989
Government grants receivable, net 1,384,300 1,239,199
Unconditional promises to give, net 2,161,671 871,923
Other receivables, net 23,122 632,593
Prepaid expenses and other assets 516,568 337,902
Property, plant and equipment, net 17,031,974 17,388,163
$27,413,935 $25,343,740

Liabilities and Net Assets

Accounts payable and accrued expenses 864,393 1,115,862
Mortgages payable 2,018,291 2,088,590
Other liabilities 179,147 180,263
Total Liabilities 3,061,831 3,384,715
Net Assets 24,352,104 21,959,025
$27,413,935 $25,343,740

Statement of Activities and changes in net assets for years ending June 30, 2018 and 2017

Revenue and Support



Government grants 4,489,271 3,453,018
Contributions 6,271,101 4,390,781
Special events 3,118,426 3,117,125
Legacies and bequests 602,983 1,243,849
Other revenue 1,220,545 1,140,959
$15,702,326 $13,345,732


Program services 10,402,591 8,620,546
Management and general 1,386,729 1,483,942
Fundraising 1,519,927 1,271,768
$13,309,247 $11,376,256
Change in Net Assets 2,393,079 1,969,476
Net Assets, beginning of year 21,959,025 19,989,549
Net Assets, end of year 24,352,104 21,959,025


Major Donors

The Center would like to recognize the generosity of our Leadership Society members whose support makes our life-saving and life-changing programs possible.

Change Makers

David C. Bryan
Julie A. Harris
Heymi J. Kuriel and Esteban Kuriel
Mario J. Palumbo and Stefan Gargiulo
Slobodan Randjelović and Jon L. Stryker
Ted W. Snowdon and Duffy Violante
Henry van Ameringen


Luigi Caiola and Sean McGill
Timothy Y. Chow
Rafael de Cárdenas
Elvis Duran
Jeffrey L. Gates and Michael Moran
Derek Lam and Jan-Hendrik Schlottmann
Dominique Levy
Marigay McKee and Bill Ford
Tobias Meyer and Mark Fletcher
Samuel W. Rosenblatt and Mario D’Andrea
Addison Schultz Hirshberg and Tal Hirshberg
Dr. Jan Siegmund and Dr. Benjamin Maddox
Joy A. Tomchin
Robert L. Turner


Philip S. Armstrong
Geoff Bartakovics
Dorothy Berwin
Alexis Bittar
Michael Bonarti
Sarah Carson
Timothée Chalamet
Lule Demmissie and Carmelyn Malalis
Eric Diefenbach and JK Brown
Michelle Dipp
Keith Endersen
Austin Field
Ed Filipowski
Mary Ann Fribourg
Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn
Paul Gruber and Keith C. Champagne
Keith Harman
Mitchell E. Harris
Geoffrey Hoefer and Thomas Wei
Jane Holzer
Richard Jackson and Jordan I. Roth
Donna Karan
Judith Kasen-Windsor, in loving memory of Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer
Mark Lee
Ed Filipowski
H. Gwen Marcus and Nancy R. Alpert
Stanley Newman and Brian Rosenthal
Sara Ramirez
Richard Reichgut and John Scott
Carlos Rodriguez
Alexander S. C. Rower
Thomas Scanlan
Adam J. Shapiro
Jeffrey Sharlach
Johann Shudlick and Reymon Fortea
Alison Smith
Mitchell Stein
Robert Stilin
David A. Terveen
Curtis James Thornhill
Miles L. Tyrrell
Bronson van Wyck
William E. Vastardis and Wolfgang E. Giesecke
Paul Wasinger
Gregory Zaffiro


Jonathan Allen and Jay Birdwell
Jeffrey Applegate
Bassel Atallah
Ward Auerbach and Andy Baker
Mary Berner and Sally Whaling
Gretchen Burke
Ethelind Coblin and Jennifer Judge
Owen P. Condon and Donald Lucardi
Cary J. Davis and John P. McGinn
Lea DeLaria
Phyllis Dicker
Lindsay and Pam Drucker Mann
Kyle B. Dupre and Mathew Lefkowitz
Sean Eldridge and Chris Hughes
Michael Field
Michael A. Forester and John R. Mathena
Keith L. Fox and Thomas F. Keyes
Arnold Germer and Isaac Mizrahi
Anna Gorga Soderini and Catherine Herrera
Jim Hodges
Greg H. Hoffman and Brad Jones
Catharine Hough and Keryn Lowry
Charles M. Hurr and Richard Loomis
Brad Jakeman
Reuben and Robin Jeffery
Jay Johnson and Tom Cashin
Daniel Klaus and Graeme Basson
Pierre LaGrange
Chase Ian Landow
David Lapham and Clark Mitchell
William P. LaPiana and Sebastian Gluck
Lauren and Corinne Lee
Lisa A. Linsky and Fiona Matthew
Kelsey Louie
Patricia A. Martone and Barbara Rosen
Danni Z. Michaeli
Dr. Marilyn Mishaan and Sheila Pack
Brian Offutt and Neil Rhodes
Elizabeth Ott and Megan Baier
Rosemarie Pacheco and Sandra Jimenez
Daniel Padnos and Dexter Phillip
Herbert A. Pitchford
Robert Puddicombe
Mazdack Rassi
Kathy Robinson
Dan F. Rost
Alexander Schillaci, Jr. and Susan Schillaci
Jeffrey W. Schneider and Jeffery Povero
Andrea Schwan
Doak Sergent and Neil Marks
Claire M Shanley and Heather Halliday
Rachel Shechtman
Alan and Marsha Lee Sheiness
Erwin W. Shilling
John Silberman and Elliot Carlen
Pauline Sobelman
Peter N. Speliopoulos
Pat Steir and Joost Elffers
Steven Stryker
Amy Taylor, in memory of Wendy Herm
Mickalene Thomas and Racquel Chevremont
Rachel B. Tiven
Rahul Tripathi
Richard E. Weber and Peter W. Schwartz
Douglas A. Wirth
Kristen Wolf
Keith Yamashita


Catherine A. Ainora and Caron T. Todd
Randi and Maureen Anderson
John J. Anselmi
Jonathan K. Arnold and Stephen Soba
Philip Atkins and James Boehmer
Jennifer Barbetta and Victoria Barbetta
John Bell and Jason Spicer
Mark B. Black and Glen B. Leiner
Louis A. Bradbury and Kenneth Quay
Richard D. Burns
Michael Burns
Rob Caldwell, MD and James Jaxxa
Marilyn Calister and Jana Angelakis
Ginevra Caltagirone
Raphael Camp
Steven B. Carlin and Michael L. Cormier
Benson R. Cohen
Frederic Crosnier
Ronald S. Csuha and Cecil Yarbrough

Chad DeMartino
Amy Ellison and Trudy Sanders Reece
Christopher M. Elmore
Joan M. Garry and Eileen Opatut
Faith Gay and Francesca Zambello
Lisa Gerson
Gary and Veronica Giglio
Vito Giuliani
Frank K. Godchaux
Katherine T. Goldberg
George A. Golden
Jonathan J. Goodman
Brian Grabenstein
Stephen S. Gurian
John F. Hadity and Scott Davis
James C. Hormel and Michael P. Nguyen
Ramy Inocencio and Hsin-I Huang
James M. Jaeger and John-John C. Manlutac
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum and Randi Weingarten
Elianna Lam
Peter Lane
Jonathan E. Levine
Harry W. Lutrin
Marc Mangus
Matthew Marks and Jack Bankowsky
Rick Martin
Prisca Marvin
Robert W. McCullough, Jr.
Laurence Ross Milstein
Alexandra Nicolosi
Patrick D. O’Malley
Tore Opsahl
Paulo Pacheco, MD
Charlie Pohlad
Martin Renaud
Seth M. Rosen and Jacob K. Goertz
Jill Rosenberg Jones
Jeffrey Rothman and Craig Mitchell
Jennifer Rumbach and Tara Baltazar
Stuart Sackman
Sarah Savage and Alex Blanchard
Jim Schneider and Ben Pocock
Matthew Sisneros and William Hunter
Nicholas J. Smith and Joe Murphy
Mark Sohn
Hon. Michael R. Sonberg and Andrew D. Austin
Susanne Stager, in memory of Barbara Olatta
Glennda Testone and Jama Shelton
Anthony V Thompson
Alex Topkins
Brian and Sarah Tormey
Richard Wandel
Graham S. Weinstein and Daniel Sokol
Gerald Wentland and JP Michaud
William Wheelan
John Word
Garrett Wubben
Craig Zimmerman and Ellen Tenenbaum


Brock Albinson
Steve Ashkinazy and Michael Gomillion
Alton Bader and Michael L. Goldstein
Henry L. Baker and Jerry Arko
Thomas W. Bindert
Evan Britt and Mike Herman
David Brown
Robert M. Browne
Krisczar Bungay and James F. O’Sullivan
Diana Burton
Albert A. Carucci and Jeffrey Sosnick
Emilio Casarez
R. Martin Chavez
Edward Cohen and Henry Taplitz
Meg Columbia-Walsh
Kerryann M. Cook and Sarah Jane Johnson
David J. Chase and Gerard I. Cortinez
Brian Craig and Michael Swerdlow MD
Patricia Cronin and Deborah Kass
Jesse D’Amore
Rafael Delannoy
Frank E. Delany
Nancy J. Di Dia and Carol Carangelo
Joshua Epstein
Michael T. Escue
Florence L. Finkle
Ariel Foxman
Ray L. Gast and Luis E. Paz
Julian Gilliatt
Mike D. Gillott
Hon. Deborah J. Glick and Leslie T. Sharpe
Jennifer Goff
Amy Gold and Brett Gorvy
Bobby B. Graham
Reginald V. Grayson
Seth Grosshandler and Kim Wainwright
Linda Hacker and Emily J. Davidson
William J. Hibsher and Richard J. Orient
David Howard and Mike Murphy
William Kapfer and Eric Baker
Mitchell Karp
Jeffrey H. Klein and Ali Zeren
Hans Erich Koch
Jesse L. Krasnow and Maris H. Krasnow
James LaForce
Burt R. Lazarin
Arthur S. Leonard, Esq.
Deborah Leone
Frederica F. Leser
Michael D Levesque
Glenn Ligon
James F. Lima
Craig Linden
Phillip A. Lindow and Scott Hannibal
Michael K. Longacre
Toby R. Meltzer MD, PC
Ann Miller
Susan Mindell and Katherine Wolf
Bill Mindlin
Virginia A. Moraweck
Michael P. Mulligan and Ching-Hsuan Yang
Una M. Neary
Maury Newburger
Scott Newman and Ronald D’Angelo
John J. Nowak III
Johanna Osburn and Mark Prigg
Gregg H. Passin
Eric Pliner and Jonathan Z. Bloom
Myles Presler and Jason Christopher
Rosalyn Richter, in memory of Janet Weinberg
Peter F. Risafi and Steven Wheeler
Neal W. Rosenberg
Kamila Salamonova
Chris Salgardo
Stacy Sand and Rachel Torgueman
Rudolph Scott
Stanley Shor and Charley Wells
Vishal Singh
Barry C. Skovgaard and Marc Wolinsky
Brad Snyder and Christopher Bellanca
Martha E. Stark
Jennifer Stockman
Josh Stoffregen
Richard M. Stoll
Kevin J. Toomey
Jordan S Traxler
Todd Waterbury
Prof. Jay Weiser
Steven Wharton
Christopher Willcox

Young Leaders Impact Society

Amanda Babine and Hannah Babine
Lindsay Beltzer and Jessica Walton
Joshua Bruner
Dana Koteen
Jonathan Landau
Patrick Lenihan
Scott Melvin and Joseph Platia
Faiz Osman
Evan Seigerman and Marc Schechter
Nicholas Vagelatos
J Winkelried

Powsner Cooperberg Legacy Society (PCLS)

The Center gratefully acknowledges our PCLS members whose inclusion of The Center in their estate plans ensures The Center’s long-term future.

David I. Abramson
Ellen Alpert and Janice Sears
Bruce Anderson
Steve Ashkinazy and Michael Gomillion
Ward Auerbach and Andy Baker
Alton Bader and Michael L. Goldstein
Jordan M. Barbakoff and Philip Jeffery
Joel Rubin and Mark Barron
Lawrence H. Bartelsen and William J. Hevert
Douglas L. Bell
Cory Benett
Robert Berlan
Stefano B. Knothe
Mark B. Black and Glen B. Leiner
Stephanie K. Blackwood
Phyllis Bloom and Jackie Haught
Robin Bodiford
Stephen J. Bohlen and Arthur R. Pinto
Norman I. Brock
Thomas W. Ruggiero and David M. Brown
Craig B. Brush
David C. Bryan
Barbara Buloff and Bonnie Kobak
Richard D. Burns
Donald A. Caruso and Robert C. Ernes
Rosa Chisholm Johnson
Edward Cohen and Henry Taplitz
John D. Colla-Negri
Christopher J. Collins
Daniel Cotlowitz
Charles J. Csirip and Carol A. Nasser
Robert N. DeBenedictis
George Dell and Richard Woods
Stephen DeRubba
Paula DiDonato and Judy Teeven
Allan Eggleston and Roger M. Ross
Michael Ekman
Chet V. Elkind
Keith Endersen
Jack Esterson and Richard J. Montelione
George F. Fecl
Raymond L. Gast and Luis E. Paz
Dino Georgiou and Louis Malkin
Ken Glass
Linda Gottlieb
Dee Graefe
Beatrice Greenstein
Lawrence Grossberg
Paul P. Gruber and Keith C. Champagne
Vickilynn Gruber
Stephen S. Gurian
Ruth M. Gursky
Frank Hallam
Donald S. Harley
Julie A. Harris
Philip Hauser and John Perez
Karen Heau and Karen R. Wellington
Ronald Hellman and Stephen H. Roberts
William J. Hibsher and Richard J. Orient
Derek Hodel
Charles M. Hurr and Richard Loomis
Jack Jacoby
Kristen M. Johnson and Martha Klein
Judith Kasen-Windsor
Timothy Kelley
Sid Kirshnit and Sean Carrington
Steven Klapisch
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum and Randi Randi Weingarten
Rose Marie M. Koch and Marilyn Shanahan

Harold Kooden and John Hunter
Adam S. Kratochwill
Marilyn Lamkay
Eileen M. Lancella
William P. LaPiana and Sebastian Gluck
S. David Laveton
Jeffrey G. Leeds
Edmund A. LeFevre and Keith L. Wiggs
Harris M. Lirtzman
Dimas H. Lizardo
Gary A. Maffei and Charlie Maffei
Mark R. McMahon
Marilyn Mishaan and Sheila Pack
Virginia A. Moraweck
John J. Mulkern and Seung Ho Lee
Ben Munisteri
Denise Murphy
Ilene D. Mutchnick
David Nimmons
Miss Amora Ollivierre
Jim F. O’Sullivan
Allen Payne and Jeff Gross
Kenneth A. Picini
John Prisco
Joe M. Pumphrey and Carl R. Whitley
Robert Pusilo and Paul Richards Lemma
David E. Ratcliffe
Louis Rittmaster
Martin Rogers
Jack Rojas
James M. Rosenberg
David P. Rothenberg
Carla Sadoff
Aimee E. Saginaw
Dorothy E. Sander
Prospero Sanidad
Ed Scall and Stuart Reiss
Larry Schaefer
Drew J. Shafer
Jayne B. Sherman and Deby Zum
Robert D. Sholiton
Charles Silverstein
Norbert Sinski
Winthrop Smith
Jean Stabinsky
Frank Stark
Barbara Starrett and JoAnn Ellison
Alfred Szymanski
Angela Talocci
Judith E. Turkel and Jennifer L. Costley
Jack Tyler and Michael Kuric
Thomas Verley
Richard Wagman
Rich Wandel
Rosalyn Richter, in memory of Janet Weinberg
Prof. Jay Weiser
Anthony Paul Wilson and Richard R. McFeaters
Richard Winger
Christopher T. Wolfe and Scott Townsend
Greg Zaffiro

The Center thanks Brian L. Heyman for his generous contribution.
The Center thanks Arthur Quell for his generous contribution.
The Center recognizes the incredible contributions made by Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer, in their honor by Judith Kasen-Windsor.

2018 Annual Corporate Partners

We salute our annual corporate partners for their significant and sustained support of The Center.

  • ADP
  • Bank of America
  • Barneys New York
  • BNY Mellon
  • Citi
  • Diageo
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Google.org
  • HBO
  • JetBlue
  • Lenox Hill Hospital
  • Marriott
  • Microsoft
  • Milk
  • Pepsi
  • Prudential
  • RBC
  • Spectrum
  • Viacom

Corporate Supporters

We are grateful to acknowledge the following corporations, firms and organizations that supported The Center with contributions of $5,000 or above.

Alexander Wang
Amida Care
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Barneys New York
BD Medical Technology
Blackstone Alternative Asset Management
BNY Mellon
Boston Consulting Group
Bridgewater Associates, LP
Brooks Brothers
California Cryobank
Capital One
Casswood Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Century 21 Department Stores
Condé Nast
Credit Suisse
Cryos International – USA, LLC
Davis & Gilbert LLP
Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP
Deutsche Bank
Ford Models
Foxwoods Resort Casino
FX Networks, LLC
General Atlantic
Goldman Sachs
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Harper’s Bazaar
Honeywell Hometown Solutions
Hunton Andrews Kurth

Interpublic Group
J.P. Morgan Chase
Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP
L’Oreal Luxe
Latham & Watkins LLP
Lenox Health Greenwich Village
Lizzie & Jonathan Tisch
LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton Inc.
McDermott Will & Emery LLP
McGivney & Kluger, P.C.
Moncler USA
Morgan Stanley
Mount Sinai Health System
New England Fertility
Ralph Lauren
RBC Wealth Management
Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT
Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York
Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine of Weill Cornell Medicine
Shearman & Sterling LLP
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Tory Burch, LLC.
Turner Construction Company
US Trust
Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz
Wells Fargo Advisors
WorldWide Surrogacy Specialists LLC
Yves Salomon

Foundation Supporters

We are proud to recognize the following foundations that supported The Center’s diverse range of programs and services with grants of $5,000 or above.

AHS Foundation
Altman Foundation
Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Booth Ferris Foundation
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Calamus Foundation
Charles Hayden Foundation
Cowles Charitable Trust
David Bohnett Foundation
Elton John AIDS Foundation
Frances L. & Edwin L. Cummings Memorial Fund
Grace R. & Alan D. Marcus Foundation
Herman Liebmann Foundation
Hill-Snowdon Foundation
Henry van Ameringen Foundation
Joseph LeRoy and Ann C. Warner Fund

Keith Haring Foundation
Kors Le Pere Foundation
Lily Auchincloss Foundation, Inc.
MAXIMUS Foundation
National Park Foundation
New York Community Trust
New Yorkers For Children
NoVo Foundation
Palette Fund
Redlich Horwitz Foundation
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
The Rockefeller Foundation
Rocking Moon Foundation
Runnymeade Foundation
S&P Global Foundation
Ted Snowdon Foundation
ViiV Healthcare
Wells Fargo

Thank you for making 2018 a year of growth and progress.

Our doors are open 365 days a year. Stop by for a visit and find your community at The Center.