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Sharing a Personal Story

Personal stories are one of the most powerful ways we can give the LGBTQ community a voice. They help make complex policies easier to understand, showing the human impact that laws have on everyday working people, students and families. By sharing stories, revealing how you or someone you know is affected by local laws, you can draw attention to issues in a powerful way.

Writing a Letter to the Editor (LTE) or Editorial in a Local Paper

Editorials create a local drumbeat for change by making sure that editors and reporters understand the issues that affect their readers. Letters to the Editor can also push back on misinformation about the people impacted by laws and policies. Find our more details in Leadership Advocacy 301.

Reaching Out to Elected Officials

As a constituent, calling or writing your legislator is an effective way to show support for LGBTQ-affirming policy or to stop harmful legislation. Elected officials pay attention to how many calls they get on any issue, so keeping the phones ringing is critical.

Contact Your Representatives

Making a Donation

Donations to a campaign or an elected official who best represents your needs can go a long way (New York City, for example, has a small-dollar public matching funds program that helps candidates rely on New York City residents to fund their campaigns). Find out how campaigns are funded in your area and consider making a donation.

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